Looking for a gift idea that is extraordinary, individual and meaningful? Here it is!


Let someone make you a gift of table linen, for example for your wedding, anniversary, birthday or Christmas.


Or surprise someone with a gift certificate for the purchase of an individually designed table linen.


Here is how it works:



You select your favorite table cloth up front.

Gift certificate


The donor buys a gift card
(for you)

Inform your guests/donors about your wishes, e.g. about the ELEGANTABLE wish-card on your wedding table, about the entry on your wish list, etc.

This is of course not necessary if you want to surprise someone with a gift card!

The donor orders according to your pre-selection at ELEGANTABLE.

You choose your favorite table cloth and redeem the gift certificate(s) in the course of your order.

Directly thereafter, your order will be individually produced by hand.


The delivery takes place upon completion to the desired address

(e.g. to the recipients or to the donors address).


(Please note a lead time of approx. 4 - 5 weeks.)

The wish card will be provided by ELEGANTABLE if required.


The purchase contract will only be effective after the placing your order.


* Gift certificates can be ordered at any amount starting at 25 EUR
   via our contact form. Afterwards we will send it/them to you
   together with an envelope and gift ribbons.


    (see also: terms for ELEGANTABLE gift certificates)

Any questions?


We are at your disposal for all your questions. You can reach us by phone on +49 911/148 70 904 or by using our contact form. Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to compose your unique table linen!