About Us


What we stand for ...

ELEGANTABLE means elegance for your table - plain, striking, modular, individual, practical - made of high-quality materials.


To give you professional advise as well as to offer you reliably exceptional design according to your demands in an excellent quality - that is our passion.


In the course of the design process your individual creation will be developed based on some basic forms and in close interaction with you,  

Furthermore, we pay attention to European origins in our wide selection of high-quality fabrics with emphasis on cotton, cotton blends and linen. The manufacturing is carried out in Europe in high quality handcraft.


Since social commitment is also important to us, we are supported by disabled - and highly motivated - people in the production of the projects.

The designer: Edith Schatz

The "normal" was and is always too boring for me - therefore I am constantly looking for the "special something". To create something extraordinary through creativity and style awareness - that is my passion.


As a professional for designer table cloth, it is particularly important to me to respond to the needs of my customers in detail and to meet as best as possible their requirements e.g. of the gastronomy and the hotel business - in addition to the pure table decoration functionality.


That is why it is a special need for me to take the time for my customers to get to know them and to analyze their requirements exactly, in order to be able to conceive an optimal solution during the elaborate consultation.


As part of the consultation, the planning takes the image, the style of furnishing and the processes of my clients into account. Thereupon, I develop the designs and proposals, including fabric and color concepts.


The goal for me is that you (re)discover how much joy it is to feast yourself as well as your guests with an extraordinary table decoration.